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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Poor Man's List of Essential Oils ~

4 EOs That Save Money!

One aspect of EO use that can be a challenge is the price of PURE essential oils (not health food store essential oils) I'm talking about the PURE stuff!  I can argue the fact that the cost of using EOs is pennies per drop compared to a Dr. visit with a copay, deductible etc. but I think you already know that.  

It's the initial "gulp" when you view the final grand total before hitting the SEND button to complete your next order...


Well then, what are some ways we can save $$ living the EO Life?


The POOR MAN'S List 
{affordable EO substitutes for expensive EOs}

1.  Frankincense {$70 per 15ml}:  or...White Fir {$20 per 15ml}
Excellent analgesic (pain relief) properties.  Cuts, burns scrapes or bruises all heal quickly with White Fir.  It has umbrella like protection properties too!  Don't underestimate the Frankincense-like qualities of White Fir.
2.  Rose {$300 per 5ml}:  or...Geranium {$27 per 15ml}
Like Rose, Geranium has superior anti-inflammation properties, can sooth irritated skin.  Good for arthritis as a topical application because it's analgesic properties.  Geranium stimulates circulation and boosts the immune system.  Combine with equal part Lavender and diffuse for a ROSE like scent :))

3.  Deep Blue Blend {$32 per 5 ml}:  or...Lemongrass {$10 per 15ml}
Lemongrass is my go-to for tendon discomfort!  Plantar Faciitis is a current blight of my existence and Lemongrass is easing the pain.  If you have charley horse (cramping) tendencies, reach for Lemongrass during your next's great!
4.  Melissa {$115.00 per 5 ml}:  or...Black Pepper {$22.00 per 5ml}
Melissa is strongly anti-viral, very effective with herpes breakout, canker sore etc. due to a high level of aldehydes.  Aldehydes protect cell membranes from the penetration of a virus.  Black Pepper also has high levels of aldehydes.

More ways to save money...

1.  Purchase an inexpensive diffuser for your home like the one pictured above.  It's just as effective as diffusers three time the price and is affordable enough to have several in your home.  When I travel, this is the diffuser that comes with me!  The Spa Vapor diffuser, perfect for every room of the house!  You can purchase them {HERE}.  Tip:  If you use the code SPA VAPOR, you'll get a $25 discount!

2.  Roller bottles are great!  They're convenient and give you the ability to make one bottle of essential oil go a very long way!  How?  Rather than buy several bottles of an EO for several family members, just buy one and divide the oil between several roller bottles AND add 1 part carrier oil to your blends or single oils.  This simple strategy will increase the life span of that one bottle you've just invested in.

3.  Repurpose your empty EO bottles!

Purchase a few spray tops and turn empty EO bottles into mini spritzers for every room in the house!!  Every purse and car for that matter.  Simply add 20 drops of essential oil an empty EO bottle and top off with Witch Hazel!

Witch Hazel will emulsify the oil, sweeten the scent and it's great for your skin!  Of course, the antibacterial properties of both the essential oil and the Witch Hazel make this a win/win combination!

You can purchase spray toppers: 

Essential oils are an investment it's true but the returns are priceless!  Be creative, thrifty and always on the lookout for more ways to save.  I'll do my part too, sharing money saving tips every chance I get!

Feel free to share YOUR tips and tricks too, we'd all love to learn how you save money using essential oils :))

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